Rope Drum

Rope drum is one of the most important accessories in lifting equipment. It is responsible for winding the wire rope, carrying the tension and pressure of the lifting weight, and lifting and carrying the heavy object with the cooperation of other related crane structures.

In DGCRANE, there are mainly two type rope drum: Casting iron rope drum, Steel plate rope drum. (Some times, for the small diameter drum, we use the seamless steel tube). Generally speaking, the casting iron has self-lubrication property and is more comfortable for the wire rope. While, the plate rope drum is more suitable for big diameter rope drum. For big diameter drum, casting forming is more complex and the big weight is also another problem.

Which type is more suitabe for you is depends on your working situation. Of course, our engineers is always ready for you when you encounted with this question. In export, due to the different specification, a custom design rope drum is the most common thing. Now, this is the production capability that we can offer.

Best selling workshop used steel drums
Best selling workshop used steel drums

Winding lifting drum for crane
Winding lifting drum for crane

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